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This product is widely used in household appliances, medical equipment, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, automation, automobiles and auto parts, solar photovoltaic energy, food processing, chemical industry, agricultural irrigation and other industries. It has water supply, oil supply, heat dissipation, water circulation, flushing And other functions, especially suitable for coffee machines, coffee pots, tea sets, water purifiers, portable showers, solar fountains, aquariums, mobile air conditioners, dishwashers, electronic refrigerators, foot baths, showers, plumbing and water cooling mattresses, family landscapes , Fountain sound, soilless cultivation, pipe pressurization, computer water cooling system, automobile water circulation, water cooling fan, cushion or care products, medical system equipment, fueling equipment and other products, and more efficient and energy saving, compared with ordinary DC brushed water pump, Energy saving of 35%. Can be customized according to the different needs of customers.