Mini centrifugal water pump ZGP4001-1

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Mini centrifugal water pump ZGP4001-1


1. Long life (more than 20,000 hours), no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, stable operation, no carbon brush, no pollution, electronic commutation;

2. The stator and circuit board parts of the motor are potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which can be installed underwater and completely waterproof;

3. The shell of the pump can be selected with special food-grade high-temperature resistant materials. The pump can be used for a long time at 100 degrees water temperature and can reach food grade;

4. The three-phase no-Hall program-driven DC water pump in the pump can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal (0~5V) speed regulation, and potentiometer VR manual speed regulation, which can realize the adjustment of head and flow;

5. The DC brushless pump has low noise and good boosting effect;

6. The three-phase DC pump in the pump is soft-start, no impact, low starting power consumption, the circuit board and the pump body are completely separated, and there are no electronic components in the pump body;

7. With impeller rotor stuck protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection, over current protection;

8. The pump interface is rich, 4 points thread, 2 points thread, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 22mm, 27mm, etc., can also be customized according to customer requirements;

9. If you need to increase the pump head, you can also connect the pumps in series, the head can be doubled;

10. The pump is amphibious (the installation position is lower than the liquid level when used externally);

11. Can work continuously for 24 hours;

12. Low noise, the noise with lower power can even reach below 30 decibels;

13. The parameters of the water pump can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The 12V water pump can modulate the head of 2 meters or 6 meters. The volume is unchanged and the voltage can be operated at a wide range;

14. The pump shaft adopts high-performance ceramic shaft (stainless steel shaft is optional for cost reduction), with high precision and good wear resistance;

15. Soft start and hard start are optional (according to customer needs), and the braking characteristics are good.

Product details:

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This product is widely used in household appliances, medical equipment, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, automation, automobiles and auto parts, solar photovoltaic energy, food processing, chemicals, agricultural irrigation and other industries. It has water supply, oil supply, heat dissipation, water circulation, and flushing. And other functions, especially suitable for coffee machines, tea sets, dishwashers, water dispensers, foot baths, toilets, hot compresses, water purifiers, solar fountains, aquariums, dishwashers, bidets, home landscapes, fountain sound, pipeline augmentation It is highly energy-efficient and energy-saving. Compared with ordinary DC brushed water pumps, it saves 35% energy in such products as pressure, computer water cooling systems, pipeline hot water circulation, water cooling fans, medical system equipment, refueling equipment, and chillers. Can be customized according to the different needs of customers.